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Xpic dating service

Here at CUT THE CHORD, we'd like to know WHY these particular albums hold a place in your heart big enough to fill eternity. A large majority of music journalists take the stance that a teacher or principal would take with the offending student. In truth, double albums just require a little more time to digest. is not only the best album Ryan Adams has ever made but it's also one of the best double albums ever recorded. Right up there with those other classics I listed above.They automatically assume that since the album doesn't conform to the standards set by... The general rule of thumb is to give an album time to become a classic. From start to finish it is an absolute joy to listen to.With this divine knowledge handed to me on a silver platter, I decided it was my duty to sit down and ask myself a very tough question.

These guidelines lead me to believe that God sometimes gets His geek on.1) No Greatest Hits collections or box sets. You'll have to choose like Sophie and leave the other five here on Earth.

Because let's face it, music is the glue that holds people together.

The world would be a steaming pile of shit without it.

Throughout history, mankind has occasionally received divine knowledge.

This is how the Bible, the Qu ran, the Satanic Bible, Dianetics, and Anne Heche's memoir all came to be written.

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And although I'm just a lowly music nut, God has seen fit to give me a little peek behind the curtain of the universe. When you die, God allows you to bring ten albums to heaven with you. And for those of you balking at only getting ten, you should consider yourselves lucky because folks who go to Hell are given a copy of right at the gate and are forced to listen to it on a loop for all eternity.

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