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no matter what I do I can't reset the time on my system. i go to time management and try adjusting time zone, adjusting the time manually, setting it to synchronize with, anything i can think of.

While you may be able to manually synchronize the time, by clicking on , you may find that it just does not do so automatically.Once you have entered your list of servers you need to enter the following at the command prompt: This tells the time sync service that there’s configuration changes and to use the changed settings.If you are a network administrator you might want to consider the effect of each computer connecting to the Internet for time checks.Some software can check the time with an outside source on the network or Internet and regularly adjust your computer by a few seconds so it never drifts so far off that you would notice.If your computer is a part of a domain (not possible in Home Edition) you do not need to do anything.

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This will work for most people, but what if the only 2 time servers specified in the drop list cannot be reached for various reasons, and you want to synchronize with an alternate time server, perhaps a time server found on your corporate LAN or elsewhere on the Internet?

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