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Well, whatever I could decipher anyway."Jeleanor" has become a fan favorite, and I speculate that it's because we all love a dramatic relationship, truth be told. While it could be more, the two of them haven't explicitly said they are together romantically, per se.

Most recently, Bush dated Soffer and the two have continued acting together on PD as a couple on the show. News reported that the two ended their off-screen relationship.

He played in one tree hill, listens to rap music, and lives in North Carolina.

James Lafferty is too busy to be reading fan e-mails.

While they have plenty of mushy-captioned photos of each other on Instagram, they always make sure to point out that they are great "friends" who have massive amounts of love for each other. " They seemed quite awkward about it, but Park asserted that they're just best friends and that Austen "wishes."Basically, the love between them seems clearly platonic, but that could be exactly why they have such chemistry on screen.

We’re being held as leverage, you could say, for our kidnapper’s agenda.

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along with Ryan Phillippe, Eddie Mc Clintock, Josh Stewart and so on.

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  1. Six months since tying the knot, the newlywed, who says she did change her name to Eve Cooper (it’s still just ‘Eve’ for business though), is spilling the tea about married life.