Who is manisha koirala dating

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Who is manisha koirala dating

Manisha is one of those, who's primary profession is Movie Actress.

Manisha Koirala is included in the list of 47 years old famous Movie Actress.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan could be one of the respected names in B Town but she has not remained the same all these years.

The reasons are obvious, thanks to the ugly and bad terms she had in her initial days.

But today the media has played it up so much that if somebody takes my name, Manisha's name comes to mind instantly and vice-versa.

Today, it's four years after that incident, but she still keeps bringing that topic up.

There's one such old controversy which has died down in the old pages - an infamous fight of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Manisha Koirala.She claimed that the said model has dumped Aishwarya Rai to start dating Manisha Koirala.A special edition of the magazine called Red Hot School where the story was reported.""This Manisha episode really affected me a lot in the beginning. I was really hurt miserable with all that was happening around.After saying so much she kept saying that she had been misquoted.

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