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However, they did hook up sporadically during the first two seasons of Queer as Folk. There is an extreme cover-up of this affair but most of the former cast/crew from QAF know about it.

Randy was in a long term relationship with journalist Simon Dumenco and word has it that he is now dating Brian Belukha. There has never been any definitive evidence that he and Randy Harrison have ever been involved romantically.

He apparently has a big secret and is played by Gale Harold from 'Queer as Folk' do you mean as friends or who they are dating?

It's scary how willing people are to believe what they want to believe.r37, so do you think Gale and Randy had sex despite the fact that Gale "claims" that he's straight.

Because some of those sex scenes were pretty hot and heavy even if you were straight, it'd still turn you on to make out with a person in such a way.

Gale was also not always faithful to Yara who he has been dating off and on since 2006. There is no definitive proof that they've been romantically involved. Gale identifies himself as straight and has been dating actress Yara Martinez for quite a few years.

Other castmembers and people on-set have discussed this affair and caught them together during that time. Gale's public identity was of a heterosexual man when in reality he is bisexual. There have been reports about this from reliable sources but some fans will reject it.

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Wouldn't be surprised if Gale slipped Randy the cuernos, because really his companero is really hot, even a straight guy has to admit this.

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