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Of the three so-called “Lollard” commentaries on the Pater Noster, one–the longer of the two in Arnold–“combines radically Lollard complaints,” but “a close look at the text reveals its strong connection to the existing commentary tradition, not only in terms of its ideas, but also in terms of its vocabulary and phrasing.

Victor in the twelfth century, between literal and spiritual senses of scripture.

The north did, in fact, develop a different religious culture from the south.“William Langland and the Invention of Lollardy.” Somerset, Havens, and Pitard 37-58.“Money and the Plow, Or the Shipman’s Tale of Tithing.” 49.4 (2015): 449-73.[From the abstract: “This dissertation studies the House of Fame in light of its intellectual context and its social and literary milieu.In Boethius’s and Wyclif’s defense of universals, the themes and concerns of their work align closely with those of Chaucer, in particular in his emphasis on the connection that exists between word and deed, between language and reality.

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