Vampire diaries couple dating Web came fuck live one on one

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Vampire diaries couple dating

Having lost both of her parents in a car accident, her life was completely turned upside down from one day to the next.

Of course, that meant that she was single for a little bit.

Before Elena ever finds out that Stefan is a vampire, or even has time to notice something is fishy about him, the couple lives out the perfect high school romance.

Thank goodness for the gift of Netflix and the internet's ability to make the fandom live on forever...because let's be honest, whether anyone was team Stefan or Damon, we've all nostalgically re-watched this show just to put ourselves through the same emotions. The writers gave us ALL the feels with the cutest couples, the most romantic boys, and about as many star-crossed lover story lines they could possibly think of.

In fact, the romantic story lines are so elaborate and intertwined that it's kind of difficult to keep up with who dated who, when relationships started and ended, or what even happened in these relationships.

Jeremy has had his fair share of girlfriends in the show, but his love stories never end very well.

He keeps getting hurt time after time and getting into relationships that are doomed from the start.

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