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For example, a point might represent a building location, a line string might represent a road or flight path, and a polygon might represent a state, city, zoning district, or city block.Self-crossing polygons are not supported, although self-crossing line strings are supported.An Oracle table can contain one or more SDO_GEOMETRY columns.The object-relational model corresponds to a "SQL with Geometry Types" implementation of spatial feature tables in the Open GIS ODBC/SQL specification for geospatial features.

Spatial data represents the essential location characteristics of real or conceptual objects as those objects relate to the real or conceptual space in which they exist.

Instead of operating on objects on a geographic scale, CAD/CAM systems work on a smaller scale, such as for an automobile engine or printed circuit boards.

The differences among these systems are in the size and precision of the data, not the data's complexity.

The semantics of the geometry are determined by its type.

Spatial supports several primitive types, and geometries composed of collections of these types, including two-dimensional: are composed of connected line strings that form a closed ring, and the area of the polygon is implied.

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For information about support for three-dimensional geometries, see Section 1.11. The supported spatial element types are points, line strings, and polygons.

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