Validating the authenticity of a passport Camsexcam

Posted by / 02-Apr-2020 10:43

It's simple and easy to take clear, high quality pictures of your customer's passport.

You'll have an unbiased result using web or mobile in 5-10 seconds as to whether it's authentic or not, so you can make an informed decision based on more than just a visual check or a gut feeling.

verification If you have an online business, your customers can upload their passport for quick and easy online verification.

Our passport verification scanner can perform as a standalone solution, or can be integrated within your network.A passport verification system can be integrated into your bricks and mortar branches to provide instant, reliable checks.Not only can an in-store passport verification system help to protect that particular branch, it can also help to protect your entire company.If you employ an illegal worker, you could face a civil penalty if you haven't carried out the correct checks. Using 3 different types of light to scan: white, infrared and ultraviolet, the passport verification system extracts data via Optimal Character Recognition (OCR), which is then harmonized with our vast datasets.Your customer onboarding process might already include a passport check - but how do you know if the passport your customer has given you is authentic? Remain compliant whilst protecting your bottom line. Scan, inspect and validate a passport quickly, so you know who exactly you're employing, or who you're doing business with. You can review all the details of the scan, including the tests that were run, those that passed, and those that failed.

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If your venue has age restrictions, you might already visually check visitors passports on entry.