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Some examples of where RCA is being used include, but are not limited to: The point is that RCA can be applied to almost any type of problem that companies face every day.Another example where RCA could be used is for a company that is experiencing a high level of incorrect customer orders and shipments.Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is usually a step in a larger problem solving exercise.There are multiple tools that may be used during a Root Cause Analysis.Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a comprehensive term encompassing a collection of problem solving methods used to identify the real cause of a non-conformance or quality problem.

Eventually all manufacturing processes will experience problems with non-conforming parts, equipment failure resulting in lost productivity or rework expenses and possible increased scrap.An RCA is performed to identify what happened, why it happened and then determine what improvements or changes are required.Through the proper application of RCA, repeat problems can be eliminated.How do you get started with identifying the true causes of defects?This article examines 10 techniques that are proven to help you get to the heart of your data quality issues and move from a reactive to proactive and longer-term defect elimination.

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