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While these three sciences all provide information on the settlement, only through linguistics can the people involved be identified.Yet linguistics dealing with the early period is least advanced of the three.

All lesson materials through 2013 were edited, formatted, and rendered into HTML by Dr. The tables of contents, master glossaries, base form dictionaries, and English meaning indices are generated entirely by software written by Dr. From time to time, these web pages may be revised to correct errors and/or to add new features.

Old Iranian Online [2004] is a 10-lesson series in which two related languages are covered: Avestan (lessons 1-6), with texts from the 10th - 6th centuries B.

C., and Old Persian (7-10), with texts from the 6th - 5th centuries B. Each language has its own brief annotated bibliography.

Moreover, grammars published as introductions to the early languages are produced on the pattern of those designed for instruction of secondary school students of years past, who were expected to take eight years of Latin, six of Greek, and then proceed to the study of Sanskrit and other less widely studied languages like Old Slavic, Armenian, and Avestan.

Under curricula of today, few scholars find such a course of study acceptable.

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The texts in these lessons were selected for the historical and cultural information they provide; they have not been simplified, but sections may be omitted.

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