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Uspc dating codes

Manufactured sometime between 1972 - 1974, this deck might have a U. The bottom of your tuck box should say Golden Nugget, Inc./ 2nd And Fremont / Las Vegas, Nevada 89101, which is the address (including the ZIP Code) for the downtown Las Vegas Casino.For instance, if the words ATLANTIC CITY appear anywhere on the tuck box, deck, jokers, or Ace, you should look at TYPE 6, TYPE 7, TYPE 8, & TYPE 9.If your deck says the words Manufactured sometime between 1961 - 1965, this deck might have two versions of a United States IRS 1-pack tax stamp on the tuck.At-Issue or Original Classification - The classification assigned to a patent at the time it is granted.

Usually this cancellation mark is a hole in the center of the entire deck.

An application number is a unique number assigned to the patent application when it is filed and includes a two digit series code and a six digit serial number.

Assignee - The name of the entity—company, foundation, partnership, holding company or individual—that owns the patent.

A majority of the time, you'll find this Type of deck uncancelled. You can also date this Type of deck by the USPC code found on the Ace of Spades. Your deck should have Gambling Hall and Rooming House somewhere in the design on the back of cards, as well as on the tuck box.

On rare occasions, you might find examples of this Type of deck in 'As Issued' condition, sealed in cellophane with the red security strip still intact. These cards were table-used, so the majority of the time you'll find this Type of deck cancelled.

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