Updating xp sp2 to sp3

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Updating xp sp2 to sp3

According to the white paper published by Microsoft to wit "This white paper is for informational purposes only.

Microsoft makes no Warranties, Expressed or Implied, in this document." The non-binding description of Windows XP Service Pack 3 (Windows XP SP3) includes all previously released Windows XP updates and hotfixes and select out-of-band releases. According to Microsoft's white paper, the pending download does not include; Windows Internet Explorer 7, but it does include updates to both Internet Explorer 6 and 7.

Note that this script will only work for updates installed using WU5 technology.

The information is gathered from the C:\WINDOWS\Software Distribution\Data Store folder.

I checked the following MS article titled: List of fixes that are included in Windows XP Service Pack 3: and determined that KB950749 (MS08-028) is the last SP2 update (and is also the highest KB number) in the list of fixes.

I also checked when this security update was installed on my other PC which is still at SP2.

Early Reports of Tests of Windows XP SP3: According to Tech Spot, a test run of the service pack by Devil Mountain Software Group provided an unexpected boost in performance.

The Group used a test machine made by Dell XPS M1710 with 2 GHz Core Duo CPU and 1GB of RAM and running n Vidia Ge Force Go 7900GS video.

A comparison of the files installed using both methods will then be made.Note that when CCleaner is first installed most if not all the options are checked which is far too aggressive so I unchecked all the Advanced Options and selectively checked only those options that were of some value in establishing a clean baseline for the testing.Belarc Advisor: A utility created by Torgeir Bakken (MS-MVP) which is a VBScript that extracts information about installed updates and present them in Notepad.According to Craig Barth, Devil Mountain Software Chief Technology Officer, the test involved testing with Office Bench.The results were a 10 percent performance boost in trials run with the Windows XP SP3 versus the previous version XP SP2.

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However, a test run by Devil Mountain Software, says it boosts performance.