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Companies like O2, T-Mobile and Orange were marketing Pocket PCs that have integrated mobile telephony (smartphones).

All users have to do is put in the SIM card and follow the wizard, to put their SIM contacts in the address book. Both of these devices, while bearing the phone operator's logo, are manufactured by the dominant Pocket PC manufacturer HTC.

As of 2010, thousands of applications existed for handhelds adhering to the Microsoft Pocket PC specification, many of which were freeware. Microsoft-compliant Pocket PCs can be used with many add-ons such as GPS receivers, barcode readers, RFID readers, and cameras.

In 2007, with the advent of Windows Mobile 6, Microsoft dropped the name Pocket PC in favor of a new naming scheme: The Pocket PC was an evolution from prior calculator-sized computers.

Expansion was possible via Compact Flash Type II and SD slots (supporting SDIO Now! Included is a 1,100 m Ah user replaceable battery (est. Some Pocket PCs featured integrated GPS often combined with mobile phone functionality.

Pocket PCs with built-in telephony differ from Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition devices in several respects, including the lack of a touchscreen on the latter.

All you need to do to earn more mods is rate 5 stars and write a review. Pocket PCs were manufactured and sold by several different companies; the major manufacturers include HP (under the i PAQ and now defunct Jornada brands), Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Dell (under the now defunct Axim brand), Fujitsu Siemens, E-TEN, HTC, and View Sonic.In Mid-2003, Gateway Computers and JVC announced they would release Pocket PCs, but the projects were discontinued before a product was released.Pocket PC 2002 was launched October 2001, and was powered by Windows CE 3.0, as with its predecessor.Some Pocket PC 2002 devices were also sold as "Phone Editions", which included cell phone functionality in addition to the PDA abilities.

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Additionally, not a single one of the thousands of apps available for Windows Mobile would run unaltered on Windows Phone. Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6, internally code-named 'Crossbow', was officially released by Microsoft on February 12, 2007.