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Now you can use the URL of the published Google Sheet to import the data into Excel.Create a new Excel worksheet, then go to Data Refresh All.Finance or some other site, but I have found this approach to be somewhat cumbersome.Perhaps a better way to do this is to download historical stock quote data into Excel from Yahoo Finance: After you enter the symbol, choose the date range you want and then press the "Download to Spreadsheet" button at the bottom of the table.The Stock Connector add-in lets you link stocks, currencies, crypto, and ETFs to cells in the spreadsheet and updates them in real time.You can get the add-in free from the Excel Stock Connector App Source page.

It may be possible to create a web query to access historical stock quotes from Yahoo!With the data now in Excel, you can use VLOOKUP or INDEX/MATCH functions to reference the data in the web query.For example use a formula like =INDEX(D: D, MATCH("MSFT", B: B,0)) to get the Price for MSFT.This will download the entire date range rather than just the stock quote data shown on the page.Analyzer sells a tool called Downloader XL that allows you to download tabulated historical stock quotes into Excel.

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There are a few ways to get stock quotes into Excel.