Updating sql proceedure accommodating cultural differences in the workplace

Posted by / 11-Jun-2020 20:13

I create a database table named, “tbl Members” using the following SQL query and execute it on the server.

As you can see, my table has 4 column where the first column is an idenity column.

Stored procedues in SQL allows us to create SQL queries to be stored and executed on the server. The main purpose of stored procedures to hide direct SQL queries from the code and improve performance of database operations such as select, update, and delete data.

You can create and execute stored procedures using the Object Explorer in SQL Server or using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

T-SQL (Transact SQL) SPs receive and returns parameters.

These SPs process the Insert, Update and Delete queries with or without parameters and return data of rows as output.

Before, we can create and execute any SPs, we need a database table.

Hi Phlip, take a look at this page that shows how to create a procedure with multiple parameters.

A SQL stored procedure (SP) is a collection SQL statements and sql command logic, which is compiled and stored on the database.

The CREATE PROCEDURE SQL command is used to create a procedure, followed by a SP name and its parameters.

The BEGIN and END area is used to define the query for the operation.

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Once the table is created, open table in your SSMS and add some data by manually entering data to the table.