Updating razr v3i firmware

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Sure, all these resources are available at Motomodders and Moto X, but who wants to do the searching for themselves?I'm writing up this thread with one intention in mind - making sure that this becomes your one stop source for help regarding your phone. Bear with me if problems pop up that I can't help you with.We'll get started with a few simple things first, just to help you get acquainted with your phone.That Little Thing Called Software Pretty much all the software that you will need to work with your phone can be found in the Motorola i Mega Pack.

Motorola i Mega Pack - Includes P2K Commander, P2K Manager, Skinner 4 Moto, and XVI32Motorola Driver Installation v2.2.0.0 - Simple driver installation: thanks Moto X!Your phone is a powerful piece of hardware - learn how to bend it to your needs.You'll want to have easy access to the tools and software that are required to work with your RAZR series phone.Perhaps you've already installed Motorola Phone Tools (MPT) and have explored your phone in the constraints set by that software. The next logical step - hacking your Motorola RAZR.Here's a question for you: why bother being content with what you've been given when you have the potential to do so much more?

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