Updating ntext

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Updating ntext

BUT, the documentation states “when an nvarchar datatype was referenced”, and yet there is no other datatype in the two queries above. Let’s test what happens when the reference is in the context of string concatenation.

Regarding the warning in the Microsoft documentation: it’s safe to assume that they’re speaking in terms of starting with a string that is already in the Code Page of the Database’s Collation and would not experience any transformation outside of the referenced column situation that they are trying to warn about.Which Collation Is It; SELECT * FROM #Conversion Test; That returns the following: The referenced column being of a Code Page that contains the character did not help in either case, once again showing that the string literal is translated first, using the Collation of the current Database.Not convinced that the resulting Collation is the column’s Collation?The resulting Collation should be the column’s Collation since string literals are coercable.-- DROP TABLE #Conversion Test; SELECT [Korean_8bit] '₂' AS [Should Be Varchar Korean], [Korean_Unicode] '₂' AS [Should Be NVarchar Korean] INTO #Conversion Test FROM dbo.

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This is, again, due to the Collation of the Database being used.

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