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, Bruce is an auctioneer whose life dream is to open a museum that depicts country life between the 1840s and 1900s.His interest was piqued when he saw a polarimeter, a device used in the 1800s to measure the sugar content in alcohol, in a 2010 episode of He contacted Fritz to buy the device and claims the picker agreed to sell it for 0 plus shipping.Despite his unrelated career choice, The History channel claims Fritz had a lifelong passion for collecting.

Instead, they send a representative (someone Young referred to as a "snoop") who looks around and decides if there's anything worth buying.So, while Colby may have started as a burlesque dancer with some business savvy, she has certainly made a name for herself as a star picker on the show.According to WQAD 8, Fritz was arrested in July 2017, after Iowa State Police responded to numerous 911 calls about a silver pickup truck driving the wrong way on Interstate 80."They made it look simple and easy and made you feel comfortable," he said. Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz have introduced us to a bevy of curious characters, including the aforementioned Hobo Jack, as well as Mole Man Ron.Their interesting stories have helped the show amass more than 5.7 million viewers nationwide, so it's fair to say that the people behind the picks matter a whole lot more than the actual finds. It's the person or the story or the location that they're talking about is what makes the show interesting." Ken Young, of Ken's Toys, also admitted that when dealing with Wolfe and Fritz, they "wanted the story as much as the item." In other words, the show is willing to let the business side slide to keep it interesting.

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This is a common trick called "looping" or "automated dialog replacement," which is typically done when something goes wrong with the sound recording on-set (i.e.

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