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Updating ipod version

The Wi-Fi connection may not be stable on your device.To update i OS requires a strong and steady network.Some of the possible reasons why i Pad won’t update to i OS are given below: Your i Pad model may not be in the i OS 12 supported device list. There may not be enough storage space in the device to update: so check whether your device has enough available space to store the update files (generally requires 750-800 MB) or not.In order to check space is available in the device.There are several 3rd party tool available in the market but i My Fone Fixppo is the best one that can easily solve your problem of not being able to update the latest i OS on i Pad.

That way, if you lose anything while downloading the new OS, it will be easy to restore things back to the way they were.Most of the time it has found that the update process is stuck in middle due to device power off which happened because of low battery.So, it is always a good idea to have a good amount of juice on your device.Some of the proven solutions mentioned below will help you to solve the issue.Ensure that your device is at least 50% charged before update.

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Device may be still on i OS 12 beta version (delete i OS beta version). The device may have low battery due to which i Pad update stuck in middle or not proceeding.

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