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Updating hardware information database

Bare Metal is a non-virtualized Oracle Database Appliance configuration.

Oracle Database Appliance ships from the factory with a bare metal configuration, default ISO image and Appliance Manager installed.

All patching-related information is logged in the The Web Console enables you to update the Patch Repository by selecting the files on your local system or designating a location on the appliance.

When you download the Oracle Database Appliance Patch Bundle to an external client (your local system), you can save the files in a location on your local system or to an external storage device, such as a USB storage device.

Patch Manager in Oracle Database Appliance is available beginning with the release.

You must update to before Patch Manager is available.

As well as offering new features, patches may improve the functionality of existing features.

If you use patches that are not intended for Oracle Database Appliance, or if you use Opatch, or a similar patching tool, then you can encounter problems with storage, communication, and applying patch updates in the future.Therefore, you might be required to remove and subsequently reapply site-specific changes to successfully update Oracle Database Appliance in the future.Using a Different Version of Java Development Kit (JDK) Oracle Database Appliance depends on a specific version of JDK.The GI Clone Patch Bundle for Oracle Database Appliance, contains the latest patches for DCS Agent, DCS Controller, OAK , GI and RDBMS 12.2, 12.1 and 11.2 homes, enhancements, and fixes.The patch bundle provides all relevant patches for the entire system, including the following: About Oracle Database Appliance Software Updates To keep Oracle Database Appliance running with the latest software, check for and apply Oracle Database Appliance patch bundles when they are released.

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