Updating google search appliance

Posted by / 29-Dec-2019 14:00

Updating google search appliance

You can test your entity recognition configuration and fine-tune it, enhancing it and correcting any mistakes.Google recommends that you perform the tasks for setting up entity recognition in the following order: Entity recognition only runs on documents that are added to the index after you enable entity recognition. To run entity recognition on documents already in the index, force the search appliance to recrawl URL patterns by using the Index Index Diagnostics page.

Entity recognition enables the Google Search Appliance to discover interesting entities in documents with missing or poor metadata and store these entities in the search index.

However, before you can specify entities on this page, you must define each entity by creating dictionaries of terms and regular expressions.

Dictionaries for terms are required for entity recognition.

Dictionaries enable entity recognition to annotate entities, that is, to discover specific entities in the content and annotate them as entities.

Generally, with dictionaries, you define a simple entity with lists of terms and regular expressions.

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The following code shows the XML schema for a dictionary.