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Updating firmware on optical drives

Microsoft Knowledge Base article 320174 discusses an update to the CD writing feature. Before you can determine if you need a firmware update for your rewriteable drive, you need to know your drive model and what firmware version its using.You can use the Windows Device Manager (Windows 9x/Me) or CD/DVD Mastering Software Drive Information to determine this information.Some Blu-ray drives can read UHD discs because of certain defects.Instead of executing the AACS 2.0 rules, they execute the AACS 1.0 rules, which allows us to decrypt and read them according to the blu-ray method.Its M-Disc compatibility allows consumers to store their priceless photos or documents for more than 1,000 years, and along with BDXL Support, the maximum data storage is 128GB in one disc.Suitable for anyone who desires a total storage and data backup solution.see here) Why should you choose a Plug and Play UHD friendly drive instead of downgrading firmware DIY?

Because the methods of updating the firmware are very complex, even if you can use some tool software to quickly complete the firmware update, there is still the possibility of failure. The good news is that there is not any risk if you buy one Plug and Play UHD friendly drive from a professional seller.

In my book, Upgrading and Repairing PCs, and in my training classes I frequently emphasize the importance of motherboard BIOS upgrades.

BIOS upgrades can be used to fix problems with CPU and memory support, USB ports, system stability, and many other problems.

A check of the Plextor website ( revealed that the latest firmware upgrade improved results when Verbatim media was used.

He installed the upgrade, which solved the problem and enabled the drive to write at top speed to azo blue/silver, green-gold, and other types of CD-R media.

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What other types of rewriteable CD and DVD problems can be solved with firmware upgrades?

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