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The following section describes the detailed steps required to upgrade the BIOS on Ubuntu.2) The above package package provides the get System Id command that we can use to verify the System ID of the machine that is a hex value that is unique for any of the Dell products or products family. when running the command on my Power Edge R300 the following output was returned:3) Now you need to go into the following website, find out the directory containing the System ID that you've just found in its name and use the one that has the latest BIOS version in its name too.

BIOS update utilities and files are often provided as files.

I chose to make one on my Ubuntu machine, using a copy of Windows 7 running in Virtual Box, adapting the instructions for making a rescue disk from this web site.

The good news is that it does not seem to matter which version of Windows 7 the Repair Disk is obtained from.

Since this is a BIOS upgrade it does not even matter whether you use 32-bit or 64-bit versions if your computer is 64-bit.

Once you have a Windows 7 Repair Disk, the rest is easy.

This software may run with a repair Windows CD (see this answer for details) but the better way to go here is to use the DOS utility allflash2 which is also available for download from ASUS.

If this is not easy to read, the information can be obtained in the following way: 1) Install libsmbios: with the key information in the BIOS version, the System ID, the Service Tag, and the Express Service Code.

Armed with the above information, go to the Dell web site and download the appropriate driver(s) for your particular computer.

It will give an error, but upon closing it, and inspecting your directory, you should see that the archive was extracted and phlash16should now be present.

Both sadly seems not to be the case for your ASUS notebook.

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You can make it into a bootable USB if you wish, but if your box has a CD drive this is unnecessary.

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