Updating a pdf file

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Updating a pdf file

Figure 6: Add a Test Category with a Brochure and Image (Click to view full-size image) Figure 7: After Inserting the Test Category, it is Displayed in the Grid View (Click to view full-size image) In Visual Studio, refresh the Solution Explorer.

The uploaded picture s binary data can then be used in the column as well, then we d need to provide that information as well. The first screen shows that the Object Data Source is configured to work with the Note Upon completing the wizard, Visual Studio may ask if you want to Refresh Fields and Keys, which will regenerate the data Web controls fields.This would require an extra trip to the database to bring back the picture data for the record being edited. Choose No, because choosing Yes will overwrite any field customizations you may have made.After configuring the Object Data Source, add deleting capabilities to the Grid View by checking the Enable Deleting checkbox from the Grid View s smart tag.Updating an existing record s associated binary data provides some interesting challenges.The remainder of this tutorial delves into adding update capabilities to the brochure and picture.

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Currently, the Object Data Source is not yet configured to include updating support, so let s add that in.