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If you have 2 hard disk in your My Book, you have a Live Duo and you can use this guide but you need to skip step because Duo don't have Twonky.This guide is "newbie" oriented, no modification with editor, just command line.

picturse That cooperation is not common but sunny pron xxx.(You can't purchase upgrade key because you have an OEM licence, WD is a customer of Packet Video, not you) If you have already buy a 6 key version, the key is working for 7 version. f=2&t=7653 Look at NAS versions, you have a link to 7x version, at this time it's Find in this list the "Linux Power PC glibc 2.2.5" at this time it's you need : - a My Book Live working - open ssh access (go to the web interface and put password if you have then Your MB/UI/ssh and check 'enable') - a ssh client (putty for example, - to know IP adress of your My Book (if you don't know, easy way is to install WD Link : If you don't have try 6 or 7 version before, you can have a 30 day trial (follow the same procedure). groupid=902&sid=110&lang=en) Let's start : 0) At this time you should have Twonky 7 working, go to and change what you need (change share folder, client, language, enter your key if you have, etc…).There are a few nuances and secrets that not many people know.Because you need to understand every one, to understand what it gives to the man and to the woman.

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