Top and bom dating 2016

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Top and bom dating 2016

There are still other stories, such as Vicente (Gabriel Contente), a boy overprotected by his parents, Eugênia (Helena Fernandes) and Machado (Eduardo Galvão), who does not want to study law and dreams of becoming a basketball player, living a humorous relationship. Pablo (Rafael Infante) is a heartthrob actor who hides his sexuality and leads a fake dating with Silvana by media.

Evelyn (Mariana Molina) is a shy girl who hides her beauty, which was never noticed by Felipe (Arthur Sales) and has the help of Thaissa (Yasmin Gomlevsky) and Jefferson (Felipe Haiut).

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There is still Silvana (Ingrid Guimarães), an actress who does everything for fame and who in the past dated Marcos, reappearing to disrupt her romance with Paloma.

The seamstress is divided when, 15 years later, Ramon (David Junior) resurfaces, her great youthful love that has abandoned her to become a professional basketball player in the United States and still stirs her feelings.

Gabriela's friend Michelly (Gabrielle Joie) is a transgender teenager who has to face prejudice early on.

When were the droughts and how did they compare with recent years?

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In Bonsucesso, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, lives Paloma (Grazi Massafera), a simple seamstress who alone raised her three children - Alice (Bruna Inocencio), Gabriela (Giovanna Coimbra) and Peter (João Bravo) - and who cherishes a great love. Her world turns upside down when she erroneously receives an exam that attests to her only 6 months of life, which causes her to do everything she ever dared, including going to bed with a total stranger, Marcos (Rômulo Estrela), who soon falls in love with her.

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