Tips for writing an email on a dating site sex dating in pleasant unity pennsylvania

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Tips for writing an email on a dating site

Do you write just like a massive corporate marketing department would? Try toning down that corporate look, and create a more minimalist email design. Follow these 8 essential rules for friendly, eagerly anticipated emails …Most inboxes are congested — filled to the brim with uninteresting, boring emails.

Our program looked at keywords and phrases, how they affected reply rates, and what trends were statistically significant.

On the other hand, more general compliments seem to work well: is almost always used to describe the way something or someone looks, and you can see how that works out. After all, the way you choose to start your initial message to someone is the “first impression of your first impression.” The results surprised us: perform better, bucking the general “be literate” rule.

In fact, it’s smarter to use no traditional salutation at all (which earns you the reply rate of 27%) and just dive into whatever you have to say than to start with all did very well.

No one at Ok Cupid read any actual user messages to compile this post.

Do you write as if you’re addressing a huge, faceless crowd of people?

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It can help your love life, and, besides, if there really was a god, wouldn’t first messages Though this post talks in detail about the content of people’s messages on Ok Cupid, all messages have been anonymized, with sender and recipient data and all IP and timestamp information stripped out.