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Tips for dating much older men

Will it be much different to my relationships with men my own age? You know how your parents never really have time for eachother because they're busy with life? Because you're 26 and your only responsibility is showing up to the job you hate to do minimal work and MAYBE drink that milk in the fridge before it goes bad. Maybe your relationship will buck the trend and if so, congrats!Pros: I know a girl who was dating this forty year old, I was convinced it was a daddy issues/cradle robber thing, but they are now married and have a baby. But if history repeats itself as it so often does, try to make the most of it while you have the opportunity. We are quite early on in our relationship right now and I believe we're just enjoying each others company (Amongst other things! If that's all it turns out to be then that's okay.I don't want to come off as too young and naive but at the same time I want him to accept I am younger and will sometimes be this way. Well I decided that my career path about a year ago wasn't good for me, I quit and took a much much lower paying job that had flexibility so that I could return to school.

Just roll with it and don't get let money get in the way of your relationship. I am a little immature for my age, so we would probably meet in the middle.Not saying this is a guarantee, but I guess don't go into this relationship expecting it to be temporary. We've both decided to be up front and honest if we want to take anything to the next level and I wont expect anything else until it's discussed.I have no issue with being a trophy for him in public, as long as behind closed doors we're intellectually matched and I can provide him with some companionship.I recently started seeing a man 16 years older than me.We've both discussed the age gap and it's a first for both of us in that both of us only ever dated up to 5 years around our age. Date nights, trips, movie nights in, Saturdays at the market, weekends painting my condo, etc. Here is what I've collected: Cons: He is a well connected man who could probably put me in touch with so many people in so many different industries.

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He is not going to whine and cry like I see a lot of 20 something men doing.

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