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Not that this is the fault of Swing Life Style.com, but it’s possible that they aren’t marketing aggressively enough to that portion of the community.

Basically, this is a decently serviceable site, but it’s not up to the par that we’ve come to expect from the online swinging community after good experiences with the sites on our Top 5 list of best swinging sites.

This time of the Read More When Mike Hatcher was younger, (that’s me for the first time readers) he would sneak a peak at magazines from Hustler to Playboy.

Love both Magazines and thank Larry Flynt for his contributions to our constitutional rights, and I am a personal fan of Larry Flynt’s publicity and dry humor. Hatcher would Read More Several people have asked Mike Hatcher, why people swing, so I decided to delve into this a bit further.

As it was, of the 300 emails we sent out over three months, we only got 61 back, just over 20%.

Honestly, that isn’t a terrible percentage for a dating website, it’s just not nearly as good as we’ve gotten used to over the several months that we’ve been using swinging websites.

Now, for us, that wasn’t a big problem, since all of the members of this group love hooking up with couples the most (if you’re curious about us, we’re two couples, two single guys, and one single woman—you can read our bios on the About Us page).

However, we can’t in good conscience recommend a site that is so heavily biased against one big portion of the swing population.

We had a great date, and closed the deal at the end. This site is like a nice, serviceable used car that you find on the lot.

But beyond that I thought I would take time to write a serious blog instead of the one I wrote last year, What Do Thanksgiving & Swinger Wives Have In Common? I want to take the time to let all the swingers out there know to be careful on Thanksgiving.

If you live up north, the roads tend to be icy so please be careful.

It’s not a bad site by any means, but it does have a lot of problems that we think could be easily avoided, and aren’t.

If we had gotten more responses and dates out of this site, we’d probably have been willing to overlook the customer service issue.

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We set up dates with only four of the couples who had messaged us back, which is a shame.