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Party Lines Uncensored is a one stop shop to call into a free party line number or create your own.We suggest visiting the website first before calling to get an idea of how it works, as Party Lines Uncensored is a little different than traditional party lines in that it requires you to create a username, password, and PIN code on the website before calling. To create your own line, they recommend having at least 10 callers to make it a fun, interactive experience.1-800-Personals greets callers with relaxing and sexy mood music.This is the chat line for straight singles looking to date.Tango Personals bills itself as more than a chat line - it's a full fledged dating service.We wouldn't say that exactly - after all, it's still a chat line - but it is a particularly good one if you're looking for romance.

You can connect with locals from all over the United States and Canada.

While there's plenty of people here interesting in meeting Mr or Mrs Right, there is also a great crowd looking for some late night flirting.

Like always, feel free to listen in to the profiles to get a sense of what is going on when you call.

Late night is definitely more active here (10PM-3AM), but if that's not when your free, don't be shy.

Give it a shot and let us know what you think below.

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They offer a great free trial so it's definitely worth a shot. From one of the leading phone chat companies in North America comes 1-800-DATE-LINE, a brand new dating chat line. Red Hot Dateline is for late night phone encounters with the more adventurous. The Moonlight Line is a brand new chat line that connects people who have a taste for the “finer things in life” and value the art of stimulating, after hours phone conversation.

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