Sql validating populated columns stop java 6 from updating

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it's called a function :-)If you are on 12c, you can have that function defined *inside* the update statement itself update /* with_plsql */ 2 ( 3 with 4 function date_checker(p_str varchar2) return date is 5 dte date; 6 begin 7 dte := to_date(p_str,'dd/mm/yyyy'); 8 return dte; 9 exception 10 when others then return null; 11 end; 12 function date_error_msg(p_str varchar2) return varchar2 is 13 dte date; 14 begin 15 dte := to_date(p_str,'dd/mm/yyyy'); 16 return 'OK'; 17 exception 18 when others then return 'Fail'; 19 end; 20 select x,d,err, date_checker(x) valid_date, date_error_msg(x) err_text 21 from t 22 ) 23 set d = valid_date, err = err_text; 24 / 2 rows updated.

It will include the date values as (21/01/2013 or 20100101 string with any date format) If I have to validate the string format how it can be done . A list box, drop-down list box, or combo box displays items that a user can select when filling out a form that is based on your form template.You can configure these types of controls to show the data from a secondary data connection to a Microsoft SQL Server database.If your form template already has a secondary data connection that you can use, you can skip this section and go to Step 2: Configure the control.Just yesterday I had a colleague ask if I could help document all the columns in each table in one of our databases to share with a vendor working on an interface between that system and one the vendor developed for a different aspect of our business.

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The query data connection gets data from the Web service and stores that data in the secondary data source of the form.

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