Spot dating artifact trackback url closed

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Spot dating artifact trackback url closed

The Rotting Sounds project has been invited to participate in the exhibition Understanding – Art and Research with a select object of our arts and research practice.We have produced the new object prototype “Reference Tone“, a variation on the existing object “Midnight Song“, exhibited at the Auditorium of Rotting Sounds.New Stage of the Alexandrinski Theater Fontanka river embankment 49ASt.Petersburg, Russia May 24, 2019, The rotting sounds researchers Thomas Grill, Till Bovermann and Almut Schilling are invited to conduct a masterclass at the Institute of Music, Theater and Choreography of the Russian State Pedagogical University A. Herzen, above all with the students of Andrey Bundin.This course program is a training platform for the artistic employment of experimental approaches to music creation and new technologies.

under control of music, music under control of …; composing (in) digital worlds”, part of the Sonic Saturday at Anton-Bruckner Private University, Linz.The new piece has the same 24 minute duration as the prior performance, and also the same 4-channel layout.Till Bovermann will present his concept of buffer manipulations he has developed for the Supercollider audio synthesis system.Most of today’s media output, also music, is produced and stored in the digital domain.Although digital data are adorned by the myth of lossless transmission and migration, everyday experience does prove the existence of degradation and, ultimately, data loss in various forms.

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