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Posted by / 04-Mar-2020 12:51

Many vegetarian or vegan singles have a story about how they were invited out on a first date only to arrive at a steak restaurant or burger joint.

Or perhaps they felt somewhat embarrassed having to ask the waiter about the base of a soup or whether a café had non-dairy milk for their coffee.

“You can go to bars or spend a ton of money trying to meet someone, but the chances of meeting a vegetarian or vegan are slim.

I always tell people to keep an open mind, get off their computers, and get off their phones.

“For me, there are people I’m still friends with who I met at these events.” Find Veg Love also organizes events for specific age groups, even though many vegetarians and vegans may search outside of their age range.

No contact information is exchanged at the events, which means there’s no rejection, awkwardness, or pressure. And some people who attend our events just want to make new friends,” she said.

And if you consider yourself too shy to try speed dating, think again, Karine said. A lot of people going to these events are introverted.

You’re following the structure — and everything is structured,” she said.

That will be fun.” Karine said she’s also working to create profile functionality with photos on the site.

That will make it easier to connect with the people you meet at speed dating events.

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While they may have a lot in common — finding each other is a different story. For singles who already have so much in common, speed dating can be particularly effective.