Speed dating game online for kids keep it simple dating

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Speed dating game online for kids

Encourage the pair to make their flags as creative as possible.Once the pair is done, they must each share what their flag represents to the other person.The contestant who got the most laughs should then be chosen by the bachelorette and declared the winner of an all expense paid trip with the lovely bachelorette to sunny Mexico or another exotic locale.For extra effect, you may opt to have all the actors stand in a line and blow a big kiss to the crowd like in the 1970s dating game TV show." or "What was your favorite toy to play with as a child?" Print out copies and hand them out to each dating pair.

Begin the game by having the bachelorette ask bachelor #1 a question.

Put a small pack of colored pencils or markers on the dating pair's table. Have them draw a flag with symbols and objects representing their favorite things or things they like to do.

For example, if one of the players is a musician, he or she might draw a flag with microphones, guitars and music notes.

Let the bachelorette continue alternating between contestants, asking questions. Each actor should answer the questions based on his occupation. When a farmer contestant is asked what he would plan for a first date for example, he might include things like milking cows and perhaps killing chickens for dinner.

End the game when one actor’s performance has clearly stood out.

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Follow these instructions to learn the rules of the game.

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