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Tier 3 behavioral supports may be necessary for students who are transitioning from segregated placements (e.g., alternative schools, residential hospital treatment facilities) to less restrictive placements (e.g., neighborhood school) or those students who are at risk of more restrictive placements.

Examples of screening tools include: Move to the Top Move to the Advanced Organizer The array of supports at Tier 3 include increased, individualized assessment and intervention within a collaborative problem-solving framework and development of a support team with the requisite skills to assess, identify interventions, and plan for coordinated implementation and monitoring of supports.

Students who need Tier 3 support are frequently identified by teacher or parent nominations, by evidence of chronic behavioral issues (office disciplines, suspension, time out of instruction, etc.), or by screening tools.

Also, Tier 3 behavioral supports may be delivered to students whose behaviors may be impacted by trauma or crisis situations, whether they are of a temporary or permanent nature, or driven by mental health needs.

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Here are the authors’ brief explanations of these main categories in from the appendix ofis available in the CFT Library in Calhoun 116.

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