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Meeting people in-person still happens, but with far less frequency. Don’t pretend to be someone other than the marvelous person that you are. “Don't fake who you are because you can't keep up the facade forever.

Instead of getting frustrated or overwhelmed, take advantage of the skills you have an be willing to learn new ones. This is a bit of a scary time in your life, and that is OK. That being said, remind yourself that you are good enough. If she doesn't like you because you are goofy, then she isn't the one. If you’ve always dated the same type of person, date someone totally different.

If you are looking to settle down immediately, and put that kind of pressure on both yourself and a potential romantic partner, it won’t go well.“When this happens, remind yourself that everyone goes through rejection at some point and don't take it personally.” Take a deep breath and move on. If something doesn’t work out, you’re just one step closer to finding the right person.Remember: “You have changed as a person over the past years,” Overstreet adds.Since it’s a public space, your date will feel safe, but more than that—you won’t be caught wanting for conversation.“You can discuss flowers, fruits, and jam preferences as you wander and shop together,” she says.

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