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We support the evolving medical and dental needs of our community and we are dedicated to providing care for all, regardless of their ability to pay.

Prior to that, the board voted to suspend his license in June, 2018.

) DESCRIPTION: The adults look very much like tiny versions of their cousins, the lobsters, but with the addition of a very wicked-looking stinger at the tip of the long slender "tail." They have four sets of walking legs and a pair of very efficient pincers or claws that are used in defense or for holding on to prey. LIFE CYCLE: Adult scorpions live solitary lives, getting together only when it is time to mate and then separating again.

The young are born alive and are commonly carried on the back of the female for protection until at least their first molt.

(Don't forget to check the gloves for "occupants" BEFORE putting them on!

) Don't put your hands (or any other part of your anatomy! Use a stick or your foot to roll over logs or large stones before picking them up.

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TIME OF YEAR: Like most cold-blooded creatures, scorpions do not get around much in cold weather.