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Metro Manila is the headquarters of the gay nightlife in The Philippines.

The majority of Gay Bars & Clubs in Manila and Gay Saunas and Massage Spas can be found in Manila City, Quezon City and Pasay, although the numbers are few.

The group of island in the middle are known as the Visayas. Despite the country’s natural beauty, tourism has developed more slowly than in other Asian countries.

In 2010, there were just 3.5 million foreign arrivals (compared with over 10 million in the city of Kuala Lumpur alone). Recognition and acceptance of the LGBT community has grown over the past few years driven by higher visibility, education and political activism.

The Summer monsoon runs from May to October, brings lots of rain and the annual onslaught of dangerous typhoons between July and October.

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We recommend you take as much cash as you feel comfortable carrying and exchange once in the country.

Wi Fi is widely available in shopping malls and hotels.

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Asia’s first-ever gay Pride march took place in Manila in June, 1994.