Server side form validating numbers dating a midget

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Server side form validating numbers

For detailed information on using Java Script for validation, see Validating form input and handling errors with Java Script.Cold Fusion tests the variable to determine whether it follows a specified validation rule and the function returns true or false.For example, 999-999-9999 requires a user to enter ten digits, and automatically fills in the dash (-) separators to create a formatted telephone number.For detailed information on using masks, see Handling invalid data.This article follows on from Web Services using XMLHttp Request (Ajax) and demonstrates the usage of our Ajax Request class for validating online forms.This example uses the Java Script XMLHttp Request object and PHP server-side scripting to check that the Email address entered is valid (at least that it matches a particular regular expression) and that the Age lies between 16 and 100.For more information on using the Is Valid function for validation, see Validating data with the Is Valid function and the cfparam tag. If the value does not meet the validation criteria, Cold Fusion generates an expression exception.

Different validation techniques apply to different Cold Fusion tags or coding environments; for example, you can use masking only in HTML and Flash format cfinput tags.In HTML or XML format, the validation logic is identical to on Blur validation, but the test is not done until the user submits the form.In Flash format, this validation type is identical to on Blur Validation.Malicious users can circumvent validation techniques that require validation on the browser using Java Script or submission of validation rules in hidden fields.If you must use a technique for preventing malicious data submissions, consider using the following techniques: The following table lists the types of data you can validate when you use most Cold Fusion validation techniques. Some validation types are not available for all techniques; in these cases the table indicates the limitations.

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Validation techniques also vary in where and when they execute; for example, on the client browser when the user submits form data, or on the server when processing data.