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- Although opposite of what is taught in public schools and many governemnt programs, sin should not even be discussed. Heartbeat from Another Untrue Statements about Modern Bible Translations and Versions Aren't You Glad You Don't Get What You Deserve?

Education about sin only encourages activity in those areas. Christian Dating Advice Obedience in the Bible Where Is the Word of God?

One of them is to listen to them with patience and compassion and receive them with love in the name of Jesus.

Another is to refrain from mental condemnation and judgments, from constantly evaluating and analyzing (those things keep us from loving).

Our church videos can be used as sermon illustrations or as discussion starters for small groups and bible studies.

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Sarah Ban Breathnach tells of a business trip her husband took to the beach, where she and her daughter enjoyed the mornings while he attended workshops.

One afternoon it was announced that there would be elephant rides for the children in the hotel parking lot.

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Never forget how much your friends and family love and admire you.” Another letter said, “ You don’t know how much your visit meant to us!

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