Self consolidating grout

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The key component of this mix design is usually a polycarboxylate-based high-range water reducer (HRWR), such as Euclid Chemical’s Plastol Series of admixtures.

Polycarboxylate-based admixtures provide time dependent workability and neutral effects on the concrete set time.

Most of the differences shown by SCC is due to this variation of flowability from the normal concrete.

Materials used as ingredients in grout shall conform to the requirements specified such as: cementitious materials; blended cements; quicklime; hydrated lime; coal fly ash or raw calcine natural pozzolan; granulated blast furnace slag; air-entraining admixtures; aggregates; water; pumping aids; antifreeze compounds; and storage of materials.

Fine grout shall be manufactured with fine aggregates.

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Each type (fine and coarse) is further classified as conventional grout (requiring mechanical consolidation by puddling or vibration when placed) and self-consolidating grout (not requiring mechanical consolidation when placed).