Schizophrenia and dating

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Schizophrenia and dating

Don't lose hope, there is someone out there for you.You came to the right place to make friends who are going to be understanding about what you are going through. You will find people who can relate and people who just don't care about the illness that you have."well actually I was suffering from Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective disorder" 9/10 people feel taken into a very personal confidence, and rarely do I find people take a negative attitude, other than perhaps as a reflection of my own negativity.Working has been a great help to me, it has allowed me social contact, and the daily practice of social skill, we all had those when we were young kids, unless we were in the unusual position of very early onset of the condition.I mean of course they will care and wish the best for you, but that wont stop them from getting to know you. thanks for the contributions guys, some really great advice!!I agree with aimdog, if your girlfriend isn't cool with your condition, give her the fling, she isn't the one anyway.

Mad Hatter, I know what you mean about the dreaded question "so what do you do for a living" I deal with that in almost every social situation. If she isn't cool with it, well then give her the old boot .

I know for a long time I shunned the biomedical diagnosis, I still shun some of the diagnostic criteria.

I am now married, a father of three, working, and studying.

And if not Im possitive that there are so many people out there that can look beyond illness and want to date people for who they are.

Personally I have never recently allowed myself to be stigmatised. There is a stigma to the condition, but what most people forget is that the first person to experience that stigma is the sufferer themself.

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Alot of people are scared of the word schizophrenia and naturally want to build some trust before revealing my condition.

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