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When Summer died, Raven took in her birth daughter and Summer's daughter, raising them in her place. Ruby, however, had it not so well having two girlfriends that didn't work out well, both for different reasons.

But, when her best friend Neo helps her get a date with a pretty girl, will she be the one that sticks?

“Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea,” she looks up the stairs in hesitation. Random and broken antiques dotted the tables in an effort to provide ambiance, but failing miserably. Just as Lingling and I were about to bolt, the organizer of the event dragged us to the far end of the room where we found ourselves face to face with 15 men and 15 women.

She walked through the house to the door labeled 'Cinder Fall, Psychiatrist'.

A quick 'oh shit' was heard as the sound of someone rustling clothes and jumping out the window was heard."Come in." The voice said, Ruby complying and opening the door and walking in."Ah, Ruby." The woman at the desk, Cinder, said, her voice smooth like silk, but with a seductive tinge to it. Ruby sat down on the couch, reclining back on it as she made herself comfortable. "but, since Bla—""I was not referring to Blake." Cinder said. For right now, let's discuss your 'less awful girlfriend' as you put it. " Ruby asked."If I brought Pyrrha in here" Cinder said. I'm not asking to make you, but I am asking to see if you're willing and can mentally handle it.""I" Ruby said, biting her lower lip. " Ruby began to ask."Neo's my little sister, remember? "I-I didn't think she'd tell you.'"I see." Cinder said. ""Sh-she's gorgeous.' Ruby said."What was her name? "That's why they live here."The two of them laughed at the joke, Cinder having said it for the first time during one of these very sessions. "I better get her some.'"Make sure she eats it neatly this time.' Cinder said, chuckling."I will.' Ruby said, smirking."Good.' Cinder said. "Neo, don't eat more than three scoops.'Neo crossed her arms, beginning to pout."Don't give me that." Cinder said. "Now that I think about it, the hair and eyes are familiar.""They think we're freaks that express ourselves in pathetic ways." Blake hissed."I'm assuming that's your girlfriend from the way she's all over you." Weiss said."doesn't seem to be hating you now." Yang said. Ruby wouldn't bring a friend that was like that home.""I think you'll like this.' Ruby said, walking out and sitting a plate full of various fruits in front of Weiss. "Five star quality there.""It better be." Ruby said, smirking. "It's rude to whisper things about people, especially if they're sitting right near you.""Where did you meet Ruby? I'll take yang out for a while.""you better not—" Yang started before Blake clamped her hand over her mouth."We'll see you later.' Blake said, dragging Yang upstairs and then downstairs five minutes later, dragging her out the door."Bye.' Ruby said, waving at them as they did."She was…" Weiss said thinking of a word.

Cinder wore a simple red top and skirt combo that seemed a little tight. "We've said from the beginning that she does not count since your mother sank that ship before it set sail.""O-oh.' Ruby said."Yes." Cinder said. I wish to talk to you about one of them.""Wh-which one in particular? Tell me what you feel like telling me about her.""A-alright." Ruby said. Ruby knew Cinder herself was from Mistral, Neo as well. at least that's the story either of them or Ruby would say to anyone who asked."So, tell me about this Weiss." Cinder said."Well" Ruby said. Let's wrap up with a quick talk of how you're dealing with the marks you showed me.""I" Ruby said, paling slightly. "You are free to go now.'Ruby walked over to the door, opening it and running out. Ruby's eyes widened as she looked at who had spoken. " Ruby asked."She has sessions here as well." Cinder said. "Both girls turned a little redder."That's none of your business.' Weiss said, crossing her arms."Well, it actually is.' Cinder said. She told me she could find me a 'super awesome girl' as she described.""I-I see.' Ruby said, blushing harder as she saw Neo making more kissy faces, this time French kissing."Go on ahead, Ruby.' Cinder said. "You know the rule."Neo gave puppy dog eyes that could rival Ruby's."Nice try.' Cinder said. It was at that point she noticed Weiss over Yang's shoulder, noticing Weiss' eyes flick up to the fake feline ears on her head."Why is a Schnee here? "I got another surprise in the oven for us.""This looks interesting." Weiss said. " Yang asked."At the bar on Monday.' Weiss said."wait…" Yang said. "interesting.""Oh, Yang's just protective.' Ruby said. "I didn't have the best luck with my other dates and she doesn't want something similar to happen again.""I understand that." Weiss said as Ruby walked into the kitchen, walking out with a pizza.

The blonde began to stir, Blake not moving her arms from around her."Morning, Blake.' Came Yang's muffled voice. Ruby held one cone with two strawberry scoops and Neo had three with five scoops each, each one different.

Blake removed all the things she'd put into Yang's mouth, turning her around and kissing her."You sleep well? This had become their tradition after Ruby had a session with Cinder.

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Tell these handsome studs your name, your age, your line of work–the usual.” Extremely awkward; but doable, I thought. This makes me really uncomfortable.” “I don’t like it,” Lingling looks around. Lingling and I braced ourselves for 15 awkward conversations and took a step forward.