Roman empire dating system

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Roman empire dating system

The First of the "Punic Wars" was a territorial affair, where Rome ended up conquering Sicily and the majority of Spain.The Second is famous for the marching of Hannibal through the Alps and into Italy.From approximately 750-500 BCE, Roman culture existed politically as a city-state which grew to become a kingdom as it enveloped surrounding cultures.

Instead, it rebuilt the city as a Roman colony and did the colonial thing of exporting all the foodstuffs of Africa back to feed Roman Italy.

This extremely complicated system of checks and balances resulted in a period of stability from the 5th century BCE to approximately 150 BCE that served to make Rome the most powerful military force in the west and helped to fuel its conquests.

The Republic's expansion from city-state to Empire was completed in many stages.

Marius capitalised on the lack of opportunities for the poor and began a movement towards a permanent professional army.

Coupled with the depletion of traditional sources of men, the Republic began to resort to the raising of armies not for itself, but through the personalities of generals, making troops more loyal to single men than to the state.

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There was a Tribune, who represented the lower class plebeians, elected by the plebeians, and served as a check against the Senatorial magistracies.

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