Reasonable dating rules

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Reasonable dating rules

Space heaters represent another fire safety risk in the workplace.

While some companies completely ban their use, others choose to allow it to allow for employee comfort based on varying temperature preferences.

The options provided here are general points of workplace safety applicable in most workplaces.

When coming up with a comprehensive list of safety rules for your organization, you'll need to consider the nature of our company and industry, as well as the composition of your workforce and your organization's policies and procedures.

Protect yourself against these easily avoidable accidents by: No matter what type of environment you work in, keeping your hands clean is critical to workplace health and safety.

As the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) points out, proper hand hygiene is critical "to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others." The CDC indicates that key times to wash your hands in the workplace include: Of course, there are other workplace-specific circumstances that apply.

According to the Office of Compliance, Safety and Health, "Improper use of easily overloaded, unapproved extension cords can present a serious fire safety hazard in the workplace." With that in mind, it is important for employees to make sure that their use of extension cords in the workplace is limited to safe, intended applications.

It's not unusual for companies to have workplace rules that prohibit cooking of any type in offices or other work areas.

As Fireline points out, "Hot plates and burners used within an office area could lead to a workplace fire." While employees often like to heat food brought from home to eat at work, there are safer options than cooking in areas where work is performed.

Occupational Health & Safety (EH & S) recommends: The workplace is no place for playing pranks. points out, "Horseplay and practical jokes in the workplace, especially around machinery, can be extremely dangerous." According to Executive HR Consulting Group (ECG) "Every year hundreds of injuries are reported in the United States alone due to pranks pulled at work." The firm recommends companies adopt formal policies prohibiting such behavior.

Chances are that your company's safety policy specifically states employees who experience an accident or suffer an injury in the course of business should report the occurrence to his or her supervisor or the company's safety officer right away.

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Guys, be prepared to pay for the date (especially the first one) Subsequent ones can be worked out in due course when you know a bit more about each other Never spring it on her to 'cough up' If you pay, understand that there must be no strings attached Girls, be considerate - offer to pay half OR to buy the drinks or something to show that you are not a freeloader. Then there can be no strings attached and you can maintain your independence But don’t sweat the issue - you could talk about it on the way to the venue so that you are prepared You could offer to cook a meal or bring a picnic basket to the next date if there is the possibility of a follow up date Be prepared ahead of time to have a few topics for light hearted conversation; nothing too controversial No strong opinions please Remember that the objective of a date is generally to assess the potential of coming together to be a couple in a close permanent relationship in so far as permanency goes Never stand up your date Postpone rather than cancel Do not just fail to show up. Say – please, thank you, after you, you’re welcome, etc Acknowledge each others’ courtesies with a smile and/or ‘thank you’ Show a keen interest in your date Make frequent eye contact (do not leer) Use their name – frequently.