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Rasa liwe sex camera

At times, 75% of our lunch trade consisted of employees of the studios. If the trade could not sit for lunch in our Bistro they would order take-out.

These orders could be for 30 guests or more—all individually wrapped and marked with specific requests.

Some 1 800.000 British Colum¬ bians will be affected by terms o? «• passenger tralas col¬ lided head oa l«* miles Mat of Bucharest, la addltlna. all of whom received eer cadets have reached mile- bachelor degrees, stones in their careers in the | armed forces Four Victoria officer cadets graduated from Royal Military College, Kingston, Ont, at the weekend, and two completed with honors fhree years of academic and military training at Le College Milltalre Royal de Saint-Jean m St.-Jean, Que. At the conclusion, Britain made available £350,000 reason* lot the independence conference towards a bu Bdm K program and "In 1932, I could see Hitter tlnlheld in London in November *6e company, Bookers. lewllng tonard the 19ffi ail thg parties to the ha " donated land fw the Mcrifice of liberty, toward new, conference declared ax their university «tyf. intent "That there should be an plated that the University wilt He could foresee in 1922 the end now to the communal into a relationship with coming of another massive war, I divisions by which Guyana has tbo University of the itest’ Ubiquitous PGE The kaau M heav Hy shaded, Uon which aligned bitter pbllti-'Prtx Jence. _1 ami national rivals on put aside for ever all prejudice between bauxite and aluminum) •alkup. on a garden gut before that, with the Century coming of The First World \'ar ■In 1914.

1 would kmount to annual in¬ crease* of 2.1 per cent during the three-year period. wreck killed S* persons Tues- day and cost Romanian Rail¬ way Minister Dumltnt Sima- lews kla job for •‘repea te d cases of Indtsrlp Bae." ! Com was not immedi¬ ately available tar comment Seveu from Island and HIGHEST INTEREST Officer Cadets Gain Honors Call in or Phone Seven Vancouver Island offi- Spocawood. deck If o r m a Including broadening iacience* ami social sciences, sion to d»*lay his comprehensive i recruitment to the police serv-Th* student body new numbers history of the Russian upheaval, I Ice and the appointment of an 300 students In 1965 and explained a few of t*»,ombudsman.

See members of old school clubs and relive old times. Want to find out what hairstyle was popular in the 1920s?

has a wealth of genealogy information spanning over a century for many schools with full text search.

will also publish the yearbook images online for people to share and enjoy.

f Ionic Telephone 383.4111 R ant id* 38fu2121 Vancouver Island'* Leading JSewspaper Since 1838 Cloudy Winds Light ' *. U4-I08th YEAH VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1, 1966 Montreal Strike MONTREAL — Violence broke out Tuesday along the strike-bound Montreal waterfront and one man \Vfcs said by police to have been arrested. L '' NO ANNOUNCEMENT There was no immediate dis¬ closure whether any chrf Tge had been bought against the man arrested In tha Tuesday da letue. set the pace for higher doctors' bills throughout tfie“ srovince. While rail service w Prince Rupert is already Mng provided by CNR. provincial railway company would be much more ag¬ gressive and enthusiastic about development of the line than would the c Sttiwith its headquarters in far awa Montreal. Bennett's idea of a nominal price may not coincide with CNR valuation of its line, but there is ui't doubt logic in the step.

would be meeting with representative* of the si* Wx-al* of'the International Longshore¬ men k Association ICLC1 in¬ volved and not with both side* as the union spokesman had sain , tin Ottawa, a federal cabinet meeting was called on short notice and after the 105-minute session Prime Minister Pearson | said the strike was discussed but •here were no announcements to lie made. .* PER C ENT ANSI ALLY Doctors' fee* in the province! Both witt go to RMC in September to complete university degrees. Browne it working toward a commission in the navy and Mr Simpson RCAF. The RMC graduates are Jeremy Butler, Charles Ralph Gordon D*vi|^IJlchard Depnia Guelpa &n|f Melvin Mc Lean City savings & TRUST 1306 Douglas St., Victoria sub-lieu tenant. The advantage to the PGE would be the provi¬ sion of that line with the mast direct access to tide¬ water on the Pacific Ocean from all parts of northern 31. Prince George and no; them Cariboo areas already served by the provin¬ cial railway. then ripped through the luggage in the backs of the trjrks. titled "In Hander* FVelda” but cootokung other poem* besides the verse* that rang round the workl ■* well as,the Western Front, in which Mr. • • « Guyana achieves indepen¬ dence at a time when more is Trt HERE 1* now a unicanv becoming known about its eco- JL kv I legiatature, the na- nomic potential. tional a x^ e m bty, with a life ot logical eurvey conducted by the "Russia was the ooe Wg five years and composed of 53 United Nations has Indicated Allied power 100 per cent members elected under a sye- rich natural resources, as yet blockaded." I* said, "at a time tern of proportional represents- untapped. I TIBER BUSHED Other truck* had their tires slashed and police reported that. Laltorri * A Literate People and bitterness and should strive togetoer account for over 80 per OUier together as one nation for the cent peace and prosperity that are important exports are nun. In the interior, par- when the nation w'as adv Mieing bon. In ibafcartrialt) " ' retain the present electoral addition the many large rivers, Kerensky seems almost *y»tem of proportional repre- which with their triixitaries j puzzled by toe farces' which on 1 *entation" based on party lists! 27, IS17, led to the but allowance i* made for modi- wiys, are poten^j|I sources rt *‘unex|)octed" upheaval fhat saw ficatiftos to allow for some cheep power, the abdication of Czar Nicholas constituency representation in . At Stanford he presides over * , Hi, English faltered, lb* ryes a ' closed a. ™ m c la.sroorotoatlsa right wonta to tell fbe Lant “m Jl V are now history. *re immaculate bristled a* he spoke of NBto Jaij Hi* third-storey apartment la cl j Lenin, hi* great antagonist who * w - ~ as head of the Bolsheviks | Ckn took out overthrew hi* democratic-fed with 19th onented government in Nuvmv- rare ber 1917 . J'**' a i Ntxj UMp q Sid Rocrr Hank « 4 in" Hat w a»rt* n. m The Gromyko letter law down ,tton “ four principle* which he said he 1 ne*g —_ # hoped would be included In the 1 d-up krifl QV proper .treaty: otel. Ana Gmmur s*o • mj /«*/« |« m a o J^««'i d,v *™ id * ‘ ni ,v m k ^-sf2^isjz7,! m are By PETEK TATLOB leave‘^Cta Sr'lt the end^of NANAIMO - A blonde Vu-I August, to be succeeded *y \ J h “l J y “r S' oouwr cocktail waitress Brother Kevin Molloy. Amendment w, nmiwr «nrt The tour*# of history' changed in those dark fan and winter month* of 1917.

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NEWSLETTER llie situation came to light with publication of the Mayi edition-of the B. He will proceed to RMC in' September to continue his education towards a university degree and an army commission. National Railways to purchase the CNR's north¬ ern line between Prince George and Prince Rupert, left the impression that it was a project which had already been under ihe consideration of the B. The CNR has answered the situation by saying thiil it ha* not received an offer from the PGE. Bennett's desire to take over this section Is rot difficult to explain.

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