Pros and cons of dating an america man christian dating south dakota

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Dating someone outside your race gives you a different view of life and how to live it.

By dating outside your race, you are adding diversity to your social network.

You’ll learn about the way your partner grew up, what his or her values are, and what their family and friends are like.

Maybe you’ll learn more about their religion and what they believe in.

Food from other cultures can gross people out, but hopefully if you’re dating someone from another race, you are open minded about them and their food. The respectful thing to do when you are presented with something you don’t want to eat is just say, “No thanks.” Just don’t go into a whole speech about why it grosses you out.

So what if they smell up your house with kim chee or stinky tofu? If you are not bi-lingual, this is your chance to learn a new language.

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Having a diverse group of people in your social network keeps you open-minded and understanding of other people.

Your friends and family members will also learn about another culture when they hang out with your partner.

You may not be accused to your face, but people might make this assumption, especially if he happens to be significantly older than you are.

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When May started dating her non-Asian boyfriend and introduced him to dim sum and then some, he was freaking out about the chicken feet and tripe.