Private chat roomsfor using emoticon

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Private chat roomsfor using emoticon

The question stuck with me: are there any guidelines about using emoji or emoticons in business communication?

Emoticons – the font-based representation of human faces, like (: – and emoji – their graphical counterparts :) — are popular for a reason.

For the use of emoji in business communication, this means that you would do better to avoid the emoji that are higher in risk of being misinterpreted.

Here’s an overview of the level of confusion with various emoji across platforms.

Emoji are a tool to communicate a big part of that nonverbal communication.While emoji are used to clarify the emotional undertone of a message, a research by the University of Minnesota showed they leave plenty of room for misinterpretation.People were asked to indicate how ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ an emoji was, and they found big differences between the interpretations.To close a chat room, click X in the chat display window on the relevant chat tab.Closing the last chat room will close the chat display window.

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But how many you can afford to throw in there depends primarily on your communication channel.

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