Police officer dating sites in virginia

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We built the dating site for police to be simple and easy to use on the go to save you time and money. We have thousands of local single police just waiting to meet you.: By using this site you agree to due your own due diligence.Police Friends Date is part of Friends Date Network a shared platform to bring together singles with all backgrounds and passions.I had recently created a profile on the dating site in question and pretty much let it sit there most of the time, patrolling through it in my off time when I get the chance.One night, after a few drinks with my buddies, I get a message from a girl I had been chatting with.Because our personals site is marketed towards law enforcement we do have single police officers as members.

Our goal is to connect like minded singles in law enforcement.The night went on with no further messages, so I took it as either they lost interest, or were trying to play the waiting game or something. He says his name and rambles off a badge number, and I groggily decided not to write it down. The “deputy”, after spouting off my rights and that anything I say can be used and such (typical legal stuff), goes on to say that a man by the name of “Mr.Moore” has come into the office and was considering pressing charges against me for what basically amounts to “Fraternization with a minor.” I’m not sure the actual legal term he used, but he claimed that I had been trading explicit pictures with this girl named Taylor Moore (my apologies if this is anyone’s actual name here.)Flabbergasted, I exclaimed that I had been doing nothing of the sort anytime recently, and certainly not to a minor.Browse through single police officers (and others) and connect with those who match what your are looking for.Start making new friends at the dating site for single police officers today!

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He went on to say that they have evidence linking these pictures to my cell phone and that we had been talking through the dating app and then later by phone.

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